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What a gift Will’s coaching is! From the very first session, his supportive, skilled and perceptive approach helped me see the patterns in my personal and professional life that were holding me back. His questions and insights were so effective at helping me creatively approach and reframe situations. And his strategies and encouragement (and humor) meant I didn’t just set goals, but actually enjoyed and achieved them through his coaching. Would highly recommend!

Melanie Minichiello

Mother, Youth worker, ‘Habitful Life’ creator

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I was very impressed with how Will was able to facilitate progress and bring about valuable change in my personal life and business. Unlike my past coaches, Will has an uncanny ability to operate within multidimensional levels. This is extremely rare to find in any coach but is absolutely essential for progress to be made. Will was able to deliver the complete package. To this very day, our past sessions continue to engage revelations, insights, and key principles that continue to fuel and light up my very existence

Dan S

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POSITIVE IMPACT exceeded my expectations. Will’s diverse background and impressive experience builds the foundation to the seamless way he helps you navigate your goals. While working with Will my productivity elevated knowing he was there to hold me accountable, and my stressors seemed less overwhelming. Beyond his skills as a coach he is just a great guy to have a chance to work with and you leave each session with him feeling heard and supported. I recommend him for any form of business, or general life coaching.

Jason M

Owner – Higher Potential Living, Keynote Speaker

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I would recommend POSITIVE IMPACT to anyone who is ready to take their life and business to the next level. Will’s calm enthusiasm, dedicated listening and insightful questions formed the perfect environment for me to unleash my creativity. With coaching, I defined my values and smashed through barriers that were holding me back. In a relatively short time, I developed the know-how and courage to launch my business. POSITIVE IMPACT has been an unbelievably powerful resource for me!

Chris Mercer

Teacher, Coach & Father

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Will has helped me evolve as a person and personal trainer in a brand new city. He’s helped me set, reach and exceed personal and professional goals. He’s great at opening your mind to new and smart perspectives in every way possible.

Meg Redpath

Personal Trainer

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Thanks for your incredible support, kindness, professionalism, and realness.   Nothing seemed to be ‘too much’, you were always calm (although you must have been ‘paddling like crazy’ under the water’s surface).  Early mornings – no problem;  Late nights – no problem;  need to feed the baby while tending to a million details – no problem   

It was my sincere pleasure and privilege to work with you on our event.

You are a unique and special human, and I’m grateful that our paths crossed on this project, and look forward to the next time. 

Shauna Grinke

VP People and Culture

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Working with POSITIVE IMPACT was life altering for me. I was struggling with a challenge in my career and my thoughts and emotions were going in circles, preventing me from moving forward. From the very first session, I started having “aha” moments and was able to see solutions and implement them into my work and personal life. Will is supportive, trustworthy, an excellent listener and not afraid to call me out via great questions and with humor! The coaching sessions have helped me excel at work, make more money and find some joy again in the job. I highly recommend Will Chambers as a coach and consultant, the sessions were priceless!

Kathy Britt

General Manager

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Will has been an incredible coach; he has helped me to grow and take on new challenges in both my personal life and career. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a life coach.

Jake W

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Will is an amazing life coach. He is great at helping provide clarity in any area of your life. I felt like he genuinely cared about me as a person, and wanted to help me achieve my best life. After just a few sessions with Will, I gained a better understanding of what I’m looking for in a relationship, and how important my core values are to me!

Laura Hemmerling

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I was feeling a bit uninspired with my business, doing a lot but not really seeing the results was getting me down. I wanted some help to adjust my mindset and get me moving in the right direction. POSITIVE IMPACT guided me through some helpful mindset work and also through the Finding FLOW model, which was incredibly useful to get me thinking about how all the small wins were adding up to the bigger picture, and of course, nothing happens overnight. Will’s combination of mindset and practical business and marketing advice was really helpful in all aspects. In the space of just 2 months with Will, I got out of my ‘funk’ launched a new online program, started a podcast, hired a VA and am even exploring some new opportunities. I highly recommend POSITIVE IMPACT to anyone who wants to break through some of the barriers that might be holding them back from moving forward in their business.

Natasha Mitchell

Owner & Chief Motivator – Inspire & Drive